Careers at Odyssey House

Odyssey House has been working with women and their children within Grande Prairie and surrounding areas since 1979. We are always looking for individuals to join our team that double as ambassadors for the mission and vision of what Odyssey House stands for. As a collective team, we believe in trauma-informed, women-centered, and culturally-inclusive practice. We all hope to see a future where we can live in a community free of violence against women, it is important that those who seek out to join our team share these values. All employees and volunteers are required to have a recent Criminal Check and Child Intervention Check.

Sorry, there are no job positions listed right now.

Currently we have a full team of employees working towards our vision and mission, however we are always looking for volunteers in our community to support the women and children who access services, support and information through Odyssey House. Please visit our volunteer page for more information on how to attend a Volunteer Information Session.