Success Story: A Turning Point

July 31, 2017 Healing Heroes

“Equality” and her son were brought to us in the middle of the night by the RCMP. Neither spoke English, and this was their first time at a shelter. They were terrified.

With the help of a translator, ‘Equality’ told us her story. Her husband had forbidden her from taking English classes, which kept her isolated and trapped.

We were able to help register her for ESL classes, and provided her with language programs that she could use while in the shelter. They stayed for a few weeks, then decided to move on to another city where a friend was able to offer further support.

We sent them  off with clothing, luggage, lunches, and a bus-ticket to freedom. As she left, she thanked us for showing her that she could make her own choices, and for reminding her that she deserved more.