Success Story: Change in Circumstances

September 23, 2018 Healing Heroes

“Equality” had two teenage children and had been a client of Odyssey House and the Community Support program for several years. She had left her abuser a few times, but would return to the relationship, hoping for a change in her circumstances. Her children reached an age where they felt that the had to leave the home in order to heal and be safe. This left ‘Equality’ very distraught and with the realization that she needed to be safe and the hope of rebuilding a relationship with her children. With these goals in mind, she returned to Odyssey House and went on to live in a second stage program where she felt part of a safe community and had assess to many supports to help with the healing process. She will tell you she has days where she suffers from anxiety and sadness, but knows that she has support from staff and friends and can laugh, keep active, and set realistic goals that are attainable enabling her work towards her goal of independence.

Thank you to the real life women behind “Equality”who share their stories.