Success Story: Enhanced Chance

May 10, 2019 Healing Heroes

Equality came to the shelter in November of 2018 with her three children.  She was experiencing mental health issues and addiction and had left an abusive relationship several months before coming to Odyssey House.  CFS became involved and over the following eight months, she had struggled. She slowly began to attend groups, continued with a treatment program, connected with the Trauma Counsellors and began working with staff on securing housing, settled a parenting agreement with her partner, began working with YMCA and continued to work with staff on securing housing and utilizing childcare and its programs.  To date, Equality has her children, displays more confidence in being able to live on her own with her children, is working with other agencies to secure a home for herself and her children and is looking forward to leaving Odyssey House within the next few weeks.  She is intending to continue to have herself and her children continue to utilize the Trauma Counseling program and to attend support groups at Odyssey.  This story also speaks to the partnerships that Odyssey has with other agencies in the community who support our residents and how important these connections are, we are so incredibly grateful for them!  The ability to work together to meet the goals of our residents greatly enhances their success.

Thank you to the real-life women behind “Equality” who share their stories!