Success Story: Get Out

December 12, 2019 Healing Heroes

“Equality” came to Odyssey House after things escalated between her and her abusive partner. She stated that things were becoming worse, “no” was no longer an option with him. Only “yes”, she began doing whatever he said because she couldn’t take the physical abuse anymore. She left with just my passports and the kids’ birth certificate. In Odyssey House, all she could think about was how he was going to live, if he could take care of himself. She wasn’t sure at first if she wanted to go to Serenity Place (second-stage shelter). [Odyssey House Staff] told me “you don’t need to go back to him” and to “just try it” at Serenity Place. There was a lot of fear at first but also a lot of support. She recall’s not being able to pay rent at first because she didn’t have papers, because her ex-partner had cancelled the immigration application. This made it not possible to access tax benefits or financial supports through the government. She began volunteered at the kids’ school, so she wouldn’t have to pay the school fees and her children could remain unaffected. Before attending trauma counselling Equality believed she was mentally sick until she started seeing the counsellor who helped her realize abuse is never okay. She recalls

“I had no clarity. There was self-doubt that I wasn’t normal. She helped me work through that. My kids, too. She helped me find ways to explain to them what they were going through, too.” – Equality

Equality said that she wished more women knew about this community, so they did not have to suffer or endure abuse. She is hopeful people will learn what to look for when out in the community, so they are able to tell when something is wrong at home. She believes it takes one person to make the difference, for her that person was a Constable with the RCMP who kept telling her to “Get out”.

Thank you to the real-life women behind “Equality “who share their stories!