Success Story: Language Equals Connection

January 27, 2019 Healing Heroes

“Equality” came to us after a serious incident with her employer. She shared that she is here on a work visa from Uganda and had a job as a live in nanny. ‘Equality’ struggled to get her story across due to a language barrier but the staff was able to find someone to help translate for her. She shared that she was told a very different story by her employment before she came here and that now her employer was not providing pay-rather, telling her that feeding and housing her is all the pay she needs. She shared that there had been two incidents where she felt afraid for her safety and her employer had raised a had to hit her. Odyssey House staff is working with ‘Equality’ and Immigration Canada to find out what her next move should be.

Thank you to the real life women behind “Equality”who share their stories.