Success Story: More Places like This

June 16, 2019 Healing Heroes

Before coming to Odyssey House, “Equality” was struggling with homelessness and addiction. She was struggling with a lack of a credit rating, due to everything being in her partners name many of the places she viewed and applied to wouldn’t take her. She came very close to going back to her abuser because she wouldn’t have had to worry about a place to live or finances. After staying at the Emergency Shelter, it had been decided her and her family would be a good fit for the second stage shelter. Equality said that Serenity place was where she could work and got back up on her feet. The staff were easy to talk to and helped her through multiple situations by listening and providing her support. The trauma counselling helped her through difficult times and attending the support groups gives her the ability to work through her social anxiety.

“I believe that having more places like this, it would help other women who believe that the only option is to go back to their abusers. I now am living with my children, going to school, and I have the strength to tell my abuser no.” – Equality

Thank you to the real-life women behind “Equality” who share their stories!