Success Story: Opening Up a New World

August 17, 2019 Healing Heroes

“Equality” had been with her abusive partner for five years, before coming to Odyssey House, she recalls

“I was controlled. I could not be my own person, I had no voice! I felt isolated from the community and from the world. I was drugged by sadness, I was prisoner to my hopelessness and I had no control of my feelings.” – Equality

The control she experienced, had pushed her family away, as she did not want them to know what she was going through, she remembers thinking that staying with her family was not an option. She felt like she would never be able to recover from the difficult decision to leave her unhealthy relationship. She came to Odyssey House because she had nowhere else to go. It was determined that Equality was a good fit for the Second-Stage shelter and her and her child were put on the waiting list for Serenity Place, a home where she said she felt safe and supported.

“Coming to Serenity Place opened up a whole new world to me. A world full of support, caring people, new independence and hope!” – Equality.

While at Serenity Place she was able to attend trauma counselling and worked one on one with her counsellor to engage in Art Therapy which helped her heal. She had access to friendly childcare care that made her feel welcome and helped her to trust others with caring for her child. She expressed gratitude for her relationship with her client support worker, “[Odyssey House Staff Member Name]” has always been supportive towards my independence and helps me reach the goals I have set. She makes sure my chil and I have everything we need, she helped me with the basic stuff when I first moved in. My support worker is helping me get ready to live in the community, she has supported me with Grande Spirit and learning how to budget.  She supports me in every way possible and she has gained my trust. When she is unavailable there are other workers willing and open to helping us. My support worker has been helpful and has become my friend.” – Equality.

While living at Serenity Place she attended groups where she connected with other residents who had lived experiences.This gave Equality a sense of community.

Thank you to the real-life women behind “Equality”.