Success Story: Putting the Puzzle Back Together

August 18, 2019 Healing Heroes

Equality is a 36-year-old mom of 3 daughters. She has been in a relationship with a man who worked away from home for nearly 12 years. Her partner did not believe in marriage, working mothers, and he did not believe that she as a mother/wife needed friends, she was only “allowed” family for support. Since the birth of their first daughter, Equality began to develop social anxiety, hypochondria, and lives in constant fear. When her partner came home from work if their house is not clean it resulted in a fight, if meals are not on time it resulted in a fight, if their children were too noisy or bothersome to him it resulted in a fight.  She was not allowed to leave the house when he was home, her phone is taken, gone through and kept it until he leaves for work again. She was given a certain amount of money when he leaves for work with no access to bank accounts. Recently before he left for work he beat her for talking with the male neighbor in the front yard for more than an hour; black eye, 12 stitches in her cheek/mouth and sprained her wrist – initially she told the hospital she fell down the stairs. The next day she called a friend who worked for Odyssey House who helped her with a plan. The following morning, she dropped her girls off at school, went to the police station, got a no contact order sent her partner a picture of it. The Odyssey House staff member gave her the information she needed to be in touch with many services to help her. She now has a part time job, her own phone – a celebration to her, she comes and goes as she pleases – but sometimes forgets she can, and her partner has not been in contact since. She is living day to day and as she puts it “putting her puzzle back together”.

Thank you to the real-life women behind “Equality “who share their stories!