Success Story: Second Stage Shelter Support

January 22, 2019 Healing Heroes

“Equality”, A young mom and her child had recently transitioned into Serenity Place after a somewhat lengthy stay in the emergency shelter. Several complexities existed that made securing stable permanent housing in Grande Prairie impossible, one of which being that she had literally zero income and wouldn’t have income in the future as she was unable to work in Canada due to immigration issues. Without income, finding safe and secure housing for herself and the child became a daunting task. The mother and child had no natural support system in the community, province or country, and several barriers existed around her not being a Canadian citizen that made accessing other social supports a non-option. When a unit opened at Serenity Place, she was able to transition with her child into the second stage shelter, where she continued to work toward independence and build friendships with other mothers. The Client Support Workers have been able to support Equality as she pursues protection for herself and her child through various court orders and were able to celebrate her, as she advocated fiercely for herself and child to be supported pro-bono by a top lawyer in the community. Without the support of this lawyer, she would have had to access an inexperienced lawyer provided to her through legal aid, who she had utilized previously and experienced several issues with the quality of care her matter was receiving.

Thank you to the real-life women behind “Equality “who share their stories!