Success Story: Securing Subsidized Housing

April 11, 2019 Healing Heroes

“Equality”, A young mother transitioned from Odyssey House to Serenity Place with her two very young children after a short stay at the Emergency Shelter.  While working with her Client Support worker, the she identified three goals. Safety, Housing/Accommodation and Community Supports/Social Networks. She worked very diligently on keeping her and her children safe by meeting with her client support worker and child services Worker to develop a Safety Plan at her place of employment, at the College and in the community.  Equality engaged in the programming by attending Group Sessions, utilizing Trauma Counselling, utilizing our In-House Gym to exercise, utilizing the Massage Therapy and engaging with the Childcare staff to find childcare for her children. She is able to identify informal and formal supports in the community to assist her in her autonomy when she left Serenity Place, she has regained her confidence by securing subsidized housing in the community.