Success Story: Sheltered Life to a Shelter Stay

February 1, 2020 Healing Heroes

“Equality”, a single woman fleeing her female abusive partner, came to our emergency shelter a year ago with a few bags of clothes and her cat. She needed help to meet her basic daily needs and felt she had no one to help her, she had no family and lived a very sheltered life with her partner.  Equality was not in a position where she could start working on goals or look for funding and a new home, rather she needed to have a safe, warm and friendly environment where she could gather her thoughts and make a plan. At the time of intake, she was offered safety planning as she was unsure if she would be returning to her abusers’ home or not. Equality settled into the emergency shelter and started working on a simple routine that consisted of waking up at 7am, having a hot shower, eating a healthy breakfast and choosing one item on her list to work with staff to complete. She shared with staff she needed to take things slow as she was easily over whelmed. Staff were understanding and supported Equality where she was at in her journey. Over a few weeks, she began to gain confidence, she felt she was able to start working on bigger goals. She decided she was able to open up to staff about her past and start seeing a trauma counsellor. Equality was then able to secure a 1 bedroom, fully furnished unit at our second stage shelter, obtain funding and continue seeing the trauma counsellor. Equality continued to reside at the second stage shelter and has returned to school full time as she works toward her early childhood education. She also decided to start attending groups offered by Odyssey house for abuse information and self-esteem. She continued to work with money mentors to learn budgeting skills and has attends programming in the community, including cooking classes on her free time.

Thank you to the real-life women behind “Equality” who share their stories!