Success Story: Thankful for the Now

December 15, 2018 Healing Heroes

“Equality” came to us with her 2 teenage children. She shared with staff how shocking it was to actually be in this place. She shared that her and her husband had owned a successful business in the area but had lost it due to the economic downturn. As a result, they lost everything and things only continued to spiral down shill from there.

She shared that her husband began drinking heavily and that the first time he hit her he was drunk, it was so severe that she ended up being hospitalized. ‘Equality’ told our staff that she believed him when he said he was sorry and that he would never do it again but she was wrong. In a short time it became a daily occurrence but it was once he hit her son, she knew that she had to leave. They packed up very few belongings and left the house in the night when they knew he was asleep. At this stage, ‘Equality’ doesn’t know where she will go from here but stated how thankful she is that she has a safe place for herself and her children right now.

Thank you to the real life women behind “Equality” who share their stories.