Success Story: Their New Beginning

February 5, 2020 Healing Heroes

“Equality”, a single mother of 3 young boys, came to our second stage shelter in hopes to have a safe place for her and her children to stay while they awaited relocation to a new city. She had no income and was unsure where to start. She was overwhelmed. She worked with the Childcare Support Worker to obtain income support from Alberta Works and with a Community Support Worker to obtain a no contact order which was granted for 1 year. Equality was able to see through the hard times and her fears to start working toward some goals. With the support of staff, she was able to priorities her goals and start her journey of healing. She started her journey before she was even aware, her first goal was safety, simply by making the call to staff for admission, she was on the right path. She continued residing at the second stage shelter and was able to successfully reach all her goals she identified with staff in a few short months. She and her three young boys were able to start seeing the trauma counsellor free of charge to ensure their mental health was being address. She was able to obtain child subsidy during her residency and save money toward her damage deposit for her new apartment. Equality then worked on self-esteem by attended groups held in the shelter and work with childcare to learn some new parenting skills. She was able to see that relocating to a new city was not needed for her once the safety of her children and self was not jeopardized. She decided to stay at the second stage shelter and continue learning about abuse, self-confidence and healthy relationships. Equality and her children continue to thrive in their new beginning. Thank you to the real-life women behind “Equality “who share their stories!