Success Story: Time Heals

October 21, 2018 Healing Heroes

“Equality” is a senior citizen who has experienced all forms of abuse in her relationship. Being called several derogatory names, it became so normal in her life that she began to refer to herself as one of those negative names. She has a lot of money when she entered the relationship, but through his pressure, it has dwindled quick into nothing. She had fears of leaving the relationship and held back leaving due to financial insecurity. She worked with the Odyssey House Community Support Program on psychoeducation of abuse, self-esteem, and community supports. She overcame an alcohol addition that she had developed to cope with the violence towards her. Today she lives in her own place and works full-time for the city. She transitioned our of the Community Support Program when she felt she was grounded and her negative self-talk had turned into love and respect for herself.

Thank you to the real life women behind “Equality”who share their stories.