The Leading Change Summit 2019

This past February we attended the Inaugural Leading Change Summit: Bold conversations to end gender-based violence in a changing world hosted by the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters. Facilitation sessions created space for conversation about sexual harassment, workplace harassment, domestic violence and other forms of gendered abuse flood the mainstream media. The conference had educators, facilitators, service providers, policy advocates, government leaders, systems navigators and others– to learn from one another through conversation and adapt our gender-based violence prevention work.

We were given the opportunity to hear specialist Dr. Michael Flood, Maryam Monsef, The Canadian Minster of Women & Gender Equality and celebrity and activist Terry Crews Speak! 

Our Director of Communications, Makayla Marcotte presented at the Summit on how Odyssey House’s use of our social media platforms can be used as a tool to impact prevention and awareness knowledge. Creating a cultural shift in Northern Rural Alberta. She answered several questions regarding Social Norms Marketing Theory, “Slack-tivism” and low verse high target audience engagement.