Career Details

Director of Programs


Bachelor degree in Social Work or other Human Service Related Field or;

Equivalent combination of Education and Experience


Minimum five years work experience in Human Services Field

Minimum 2 years of related experience in a supervisory role


Strong leadership and supervisory skills;

Exceptional organizational and time management skills;

Mentorship and coaching skills;

Knowledge of dynamics of domestic violence and women’s issues;

Knowledge of crisis intervention and counseling in family violence including intimate partner, child and elder abuse;

Strong knowledge in the fields of suicide prevention, addictions and mental health;

Knowledge of Landlord and Tenants Act, Protection for Persons in Care Act for Alberta, and Children First Legislation;

Strong knowledge of social service community agencies and protocols for referral.


 A valid driver’s license and vehicle, Criminal Record Check, C.Y.I.M. and Suicide Prevention Training Program.


Reports to

Executive Director



Client Support Supervisors

Client Support Workers

Childcare Manager

Community Support Manager

Summary of Position:

The Director of Programs will coordinate and manage programs and services of the Grande Prairie Women’s Residence Association with the goal of implementing and upholding the vision and mission of the Association. The Director of Programs is directly responsible for the supervision, training, mentoring and performance reviews of the Client Support Workers, Client Support Supervisors, the Childcare Manager, and the Community Support Manager. The Director of Programs will collaborate with the community and staff to ensure best practice implementation and operation of in-house services and program.


Program and Service Delivery

  • Prioritize duties for effective and efficient client care of both the Emergency Shelter and Second Stage Shelter
  • Work together with Leadership team to ensure budgets are on target
  • Ensure all reporting is accurate, non-judgmental, culturally-inclusive, trauma-informed and women-centered
  • Participate in the development and implementation of services and programs which reduce risk from family violence and assist women to make healthier life choices
  • Monitor ongoing programming to ensure current and ethical quality of service
  • Develop and implement enhanced programming as identified by internal/external needs
  • Prepare reports for Executive Director as requested/required
  • Responsible for organizing and approving new intakes for Serenity Place
  • Create relationships and work with the relevant agencies/service providers for a collaborative approach to family violence; and maintain a healthy, positive link with relevant agencies/service providers
  • Monitor and make recommendations to the Executive Director to ensure that Agency policies and procedures support best client-focused practices;
  • Monitor documentation and data entry to ensure accuracy of recording in compliance with Funders
  • Monitor government legislation, and ensure documentation and storage retention is in accord with governmental regulations
  • Ensure ethical standards of practice as detailed in the Alberta Women’s Shelter Guidelines are maintained by all staff
  • Responsible for the scheduling of Client Support Workers

Supervisory and Leadership Duties

  • In collaboration with the Director of Human Resources, hire staff and ensure staff are properly trained through a comprehensive orientation and training process and ongoing group/individual training and supervision
  • Ensure all documentation required for personnel files for supervised positions are obtained and forwarded to the Director of Human Resources in a timely manner
  • Ensure that any client grievances brought to the management level are addressed in a timely manner as per policy.
  • Support and promote staff professional development
  • Conduct performance appraisals for all assigned staff upon the appropriate anniversary date
  • Ensure all documentation required for personnel files for supervised positions are obtained and maintained as per policy and procedure
  • Check time sheets of supervised staff for accuracy and prepare them for payroll
  • Authorize vacation time for supervised positions and other leaves of absences as per shelter policies


  • Communicate with staff, clients and agencies on an ongoing process in a timely manner
  • Attend all manager and appropriate department meetings
  • Ensure consistence communication and support of clients in both the emergency and second stage shelters

Community Relations

  • Liaise and maintain effective working relations with representatives of contracted services, suppliers and agencies to continue to meet the needs of Odyssey House clients

Professional Development

  • Attend all mandatory trainings
  • Seek out, inquire, and engage in new opportunities and education in areas where development is necessary
  • Participate in constant and consistent ongoing training opportunities
Adhere to Odyssey House Vision: to help women and children break free from the cycle of family violence.

The expectation of all employees of Odyssey House is to ensure consistent implementation of agency policies and procedures. As a member of the collective team, the expectation is to ensure all staff and clients are cared for. Flexibility is imperative along with the ability to assist and support in all other departments when asked by colleagues.

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