S.T.S Garage

Grande Prairie Shoulder to Shoulder Garage – S.T.S Garage

GPSTS Garage program is a volunteer based, peer led program, that works towards engaging men and boys by creating a safe, non-judgemental space where men can work together. This program provides opportunities for men to socialize, take part in activities, and learn new skills.

The GPSTS Garage program is based on a Men’s Sheds model (see video below) and is located in a three-bay garage at Community Village. The program runs a minimum of three days a week (COVID-19 regulations allowing), alternating between evenings, weekends and weekdays. Hours of operation are established by volunteers and based off the interested attendees.

While locations, activities, and membership can vary from shed to shed, the core vision of the GPSTS Garage Program is equality and inclusion for all members regardless of age, cultural background, ability, sexual orientation, income, or employment status. The GPSTS Garage program is grassroots, bottom-up movement where the members decide what to do on a daily basis. The program also supports activities and projects aimed at giving back to their community by participating in community events or volunteering. However, involvement in the GPSTS Garage program is always casual and attendance is optional rather than required.

GP STS Volunteers Robbie Ostrom, Preston Ostrom, Dustin Edey, Aaron Wales, Caleb Patrick

The program is implemented and delivered by volunteers, with Odyssey House providing administrative support, volunteer recruitment/training, financial management, OH&S orientation and meeting the reporting on behalf of the program. We are a backbone organization to provide funding/grant applications, and registered charity status.

For more information contact Rob Ostrom, GP S.T.S Volunteer at facilities@odysseyhouse.ca  or by phone at 780-296-5403.  Volunteer Preston Ostrom at prestonostrom@live.co.uk or by phone at 780-876-8017.

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