Ebony Rempel

Ebony Rempel PhD (c), MSc

Executive Director

Office: 780-538-1332 ext. 147 Email: Director@odysseyhouse.ca

Ebony has been the Executive Director of Odyssey House since the summer of 2016. She has lived in Grande Prairie since 2014 and is constantly blown away by the generosity of this community. Ebony has been working in the field of Health Promotion for the last 10 years, she has a MSc and is currently a PhD candidate focusing on Intimate Partner Violence and access to services, support and information at Western University. When Ebony is not working within the community of Grande Prairie or on her PhD, she is off exploring different cultures around the world. Ebony strives to create and live in a world of equality free from violence against women and continues to work with the team at Odyssey House towards creating a safe, trauma-informed, women-centered, and culturally inclusive space.