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Host a Fundraising Event

You can stand up against domestic violence and help support Odyssey House by supporting your own fundraising events. You can help raise awareness to what Odyssey House does for the community and how we can all work together to end domestic violence, all while collecting donation on our behalf to benefit Odyssey House.  We will do what we can to help make your event successful and to give recognition to your organization for their hard work and generosity.

Download the Handbook

Please download the Third-Party Fundraising Event Handbook that has some great event ideas as well as the terms and conditions of running a fundraiser for us. We require all applicants to have read and agree with the general and logo guidelines found within.

Some examples of Fundraisers

  • Company Parties or Events

  • Holiday Party

  • Golf Tournament

  • Car Wash

  • Live Music/DJ Performance

  • Walk-a-thon

Book a Third-Party Fundraiser Workshop

If your group or organization would like some help with planning your fundraiser, or if you just want to know more about being a third-party fundraiser, you can book a workshop and we would be happy to talk to your group about Odyssey House, what we do, and why your fundraising can help so many people. We can also help you facilitate some of your initial planning and what kind of fundraisers could work for you.  This workshop is not required for our fundraisers but is there for anyone who feels they may need the extra help.