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Volunteering with Odyssey House

Odyssey House’s Volunteer Program engages community members to take an active role in the prevention of domestic abuse for women and children through volunteerism.  As Odyssey House strives to provide a holistic response to domestic abuse, each volunteer’s diverse and individual skillset is recognized and supported to address gaps in shelter services.  Volunteers with Odyssey House often become advocates for healthy, respectful relationships in the community.

Every Odyssey House Volunteer is unique and brings with them a wide range of skills and interests. Volunteers support almost every program at Odyssey House, including Public Education, Child Care, Administration, and kitchen support. At the moment, we are accepting volunteers to assist with child care, help with meal preparation or suggest an alternative way to volunteer their time utilizing their unique skillsets/resources. Odyssey House also hosts a variety of fundraising events that are all driven by our volunteer teams, such as Grande Con, or the Odyssey House/Sunrise House Golf Tournament. All our volunteers are appreciated and benefit from working with an amazing team and supporting an amazing initiative.

Youth Conference

Volunteer Application Form

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Emergency Contact Information

Your Volunteer Interests

Volunteer Interests

*Please Note: Those looking to volunteer with Odyssey House Support will also be required to get a Criminal Record, Vulnerable Sector, and Child Intervention Check.

Thank you for your application. You will receive a confirmation email from us shortly, providing you with additional instructions.

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