Public Education

Prevention is Key.

Our Public Education Program is designed to increase awareness on the social issues related to family and gender-based violence, through education, support, referrals, and advocacy. We also have custom presentations that are geared towards schools, colleges, community groups, summer camps, businesses, and non-profit agencies. Odyssey House is active in upper elementary, as well as Junior and Senior high in the City and County of Grande Prairie.

The statistics report that one in three youth between the ages of 12 and 17 will experience violence in their relationships. The Odyssey House Public Education Department offers a variety of programs and presentations geared to educate youth around what abusive, unhealthy, and healthy relationships look like. At Odyssey House, we believe that everyone has the right to equal opportunity and social justice. We are always updating our content and presentations, please come back often for more information and to see what Odyssey House is doing in the community.

Booking a Presentation

We believe that prevention is most effective when education happens early and often. As such, all presentations are free of charge. If you have any questions or would like to book a presentation, please contact our Public Education Coordinator through email at

What People Are Saying About Our Programs

  • The staff that came in really made me feel important, and that I wasn’t alone.  More than that, they let me know that I am not responsible for the way that my ex has treated me, and that there are people that care about me and my well being.
    Karen B.
  • I didn’t realize that this was happening in my own town- you always think that it doesn’t happen in your own back yard.  I would like to be able to do more for my community and am really happy that I had my eyes opened to this.
    Loui D.
  • It wasn’t until we looked at what healthy and unhealthy relationships look like that I realized that I, myself and living in an unhealthy relationship.  I guess I need to go back to the basics and decide what I want for myself and my children before I can move on.  This course gives me the courage to believe that I can give myself and my children and better life.
    Linda C.
  • This course really opened my eyes to how women are treated and how my doing nothing can contribute to that negative action.
    Kim W.
  • Odyssey house is a great community resource for the vulnerable people in our community, they are a great asset to have in our region.
    Katelyn N.
  • The ladies that come in and do the presentations are so relatable, I feel comfortable and safe talking with them.
    Jane H.