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Odyssey House envisions a community free from family violence. Providing shelter and support to survivors in Grande Prairie and surrounding areas.

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Support and Safety When You Need It

Our crisis line and outreach supports are are accessible to everyone, regardless of gender. We offer a secure shelter for women and their children.

Call or Text our
24-hour Crisis Line

44 beds in a private, secure, welcoming facility. For women and children in need of short-term emergency accomodation.

An appartment building for women, with or without children, in need of safe, affordable housing and specialized programming.

The healing journey can be long and difficult. It wasn't made to be walked alone. Programs open to residential and outreach clients.

Get the help you need. After-school and respite care for children is provided for residents. Outreach clients can also access childcare during group support.

Community awareness is key to the prevention of family violence. Our Public Education Coordinator is active in the community, advocating healthy relationships.

Our Impact in the 2022-2023 year

“I felt so alone, I didn’t know who to turn to. Who would understand? At the shelter, they completely understood what I was going through. I don’t feel so alone now."


How you can Help

Collecting Donations

You can lead the change at home by hosting a third-party fundraising event with your group or friends. We will do what we can to help your event be a success!

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There are multiple ways you can donate to support Odyssey house, from online donations to Gift-In-Kind contributions and more.

Youth Conference

Volunteers support almost every program at Odyssey House, including Public Education, Child Care, Administration, and kitchen support.

First Time Membership

As a legal member, you can vote at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and help guide our course over the years to come.

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