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Odyssey House Childcare Manager Nominated for Women of Influence Award

Rebecca Claeys, an integral part of the Odyssey House team since August 2020, stands as a nominee for the Women of Influence Award. In her role as childcare manager, Rebecca's dedication and passion shine through every aspect of her work.

Bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in early childhood education, Rebecca has played a pivotal role in shaping the outstanding childcare services at Odyssey House. Under her guidance, the Family Resource Center has thrived, fostering a secure and nurturing environment for residents' children.

Rebecca's commitment extends far beyond meeting basic needs. "Rebecca's knowledge of child development is impressive," says Cassidy, a childcare worker at Odyssey House. "She is known for her ability to create a high-quality program that meets the unique needs of every child. She is always seeking new ways to improve the quality of her program and is committed to providing the best possible care for the children under her supervision," says Cassidy. 

Rebecca not only provides consistent support to the children and families but also exhibits exceptional leadership in managing her Team of Childcare Workers. She prioritizes nurturing a positive work environment by encouraging wellness initiatives and promoting training opportunities. Her dedication to the well-being and growth of her staff ensures that they feel valued and empowered, ultimately enhancing their ability to deliver exceptional care to the families they serve.

"With her drive focused on professional development and inclusivity, she works endlessly to remain up-to-date and informed to ensure best practices and resiliency for all staff and children in our program.," says Kodi, another valuable team member of the childcare department. "I would love to see Rebecca's values in more childcare and family centers, sharing the standards set to provide targeted, trauma-informed care and providing families with the comfort and support they need to succeed." Kodi shares. 

Rebecca's Women of Influence Award nomination is a testament to her dedication and impact within the community. Through her commitment to her staff and the children & families of Odyssey House, she has demonstrated what it means to be a trailblazer and a role model for others.

As Rebecca continues to inspire those around her, her legacy of compassion and advocacy will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on all who know her.

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